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Another US CARBURETION Original”


and MORE!

This kit has all the parts necessary for complete installation at the engine, no hookup hoses or other fittings.

Fits Most Engines Including:

Briggs and Stratton

Chicago Electric – Craftsman – Coleman

Devilbiss – DuroPower – DuroMax – Generac

Harbor Freight Predators – Homelite – Honeywell

Honda – Husky – Powermate – Powerworks – Ridgid

Robin/Subaru – Tecumseh – Troybilt – Westinghouse


Picture descriptions:

1. Basic Kit (design may vary)

2. Examples of single barrel carburetors with standard float-bowls

3,4,5,6 Examples of various brands of converted generators

7. P8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts, 13 hp (420cc) Predator 68530 generator from Harbor Freight, one of our hottest selling kits are for this unit.

8. Example of a propane conversion on a Yamaha suitcase type generator

9. Typical natural gas meter that the converted unit can be connected to for a virtually unlimited fuel supply

10. From 1995-2015 We have been the exact same company that has helped our customers thru Y2K, 9-11, Hurricanes like Katrina, Sandy, not to mention derecho’s, mud slides, wild fires, blizzards, all with wide spread power outages.

SHIPPING: UPS (48 states only) USPS all 50 States

Please note: The picture is a representation of the kit. Parts will vary according to engine type

This Kit IS ALL NEW PRODUCT. This kit has all the parts necessary for complete installation. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, IT MAY BE BEST TO PURCHASE A GENERATOR SPECIFIC KIT FROM USCARB.

We have a 20 year record of outstanding customer service, and this kit is bound to be one of our biggest sellers yet! We retooled one of our older designs and are now, for the first time ever, we are able to offer a First Class Kit at a BUDGET PRICE.

This kit will fit your single cylinder machine. It is not applicable for two barrel carburetors or v-twin engines just single cylinder. Simply message us your GENERATOR, WOOD SPLITTER, PRESSURE WASHER or other 4 cycle machine and engine model number while checking out and we will do the rest.

The included instructions and supplies will allow you to modify your current ENGINE to use propane or natural gas. Given the tendency of gasoline to go bad or gum up the generator, having this option gives you great versatility.

Most people never go back to gasoline after experiencing the awesomeness of using clean burning propane and natural gas.

The engine regulator in the kit can handle from 4” to 14” water column inlet pressure (up to 1/2 of 1 PSI).

This Kit is selling for almost half price, therefore tech assistance is available but will not be offered over our 800 number. Feel free to call our tech line at 304-872-7098 if you need immediate assistance. However, our websites at www.motorsnorkel.com and www.uscarb.com include LIVE CHAT and FAQ’s and a very extensive technical forum that should be able to answer about any question, but if you still need help, then please visit one of the websites listed above.

Please follow the detailed instructions included with the conversion kit and this should not even be an issue.

Please see our other listings for the 12′ Propane Cylinder Hose Connection Kit to run your generator off of 20# cylinders or up to 100# cylinders…NPSK-12 Accessory Kit

Other than 50 states, buyer will pay the actual current shipping costs.

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