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Motor Snorkel Conversion Kit – About US Carburetion

US Carburetion has been the industry leader in carburetion technology since 1995. To date, the conversion systems our company has provided, has allowed do-it-yourself minded folks throughout the US and Canada to convert thousands of portable gasoline generators into multi-fuel machines.

We have seen may attempts by those that see “fast money and easy pickings” by reselling product they have no idea how it functions. That is one of the factors that has kept US Carb number one all these years; we know our product, (our patents prove that!) we gladly help customers trouble shoot problems they may encounter, and we stand behind everything we sell because we know that a customer will benefit from our product. Read More

What Our Customers to say about our products


During my recent 10 day power outage I was happy that I had a generator. I was happier to have used a US Carburetion conversion kit to run it off of natural gas. I did not once have wait in line to get gasoline or drive around for hours to find gasoline. If you have a generator you should do yourself a favor and get a conversion kit for it. You won’t be sorry.

Rich Robinson [ 01/17/03 ]


Just bought one for my honda eu2000i works great

Terry Cottonaro