Yamaha Gasoline, Propane, and Natural Gas Generators


Welcome to the National Hybrid Fuel Center.   The Hybrid Fuel Center professionally installs Hybrid Fuel Systems that allow Yamaha generators to use gasoline, propane and natural gas ready to run right out of the box.   


Why settle for just gasoline?  Now you have a choice.  Better yet, you have choices yamaha ef6600dec generators Choose the fuel option you really want.  You can have propane, natural gas, or gasoline and even use all three on the same generator.  Switch back and forth on the fly.  For instance, a portable 20# grill type propane cylinder is equivalent to 5 gallons of gasoline.  You could run the generator from the cylinder while camping and then, when you come home, you can connect the same generator right into a natural gas line or just fill the generators gasoline tank and run.  That’s right.  It’s as simple as turning one fuel off and the other fuel on.




When a Yamaha generator is operated on propane and natural gas:

 yamaha ef12000dec generators


It does not give off noxious fumeswhich is great for campers and close quarters.


The clean emissions are better for the environmentwhich is great for all of us.


The carburetor cannot and will not gum upfor dependable starting every time.


Larger fuel suppliescan give much longer run times and no dangerous HOT refills.


Safer fuelpropane and natural gas have proven to be safer than gasoline.


Lower maintenancewith less moving parts and a fuel that CANNOT gum up!


Longer engine lifeabsolutely no impurities in alternative fuel.


Remote Startingrequires no choking to start on alternative fuel.


These are just some of the many benefits our alternative fueled Yamaha generators offer. yamaha ef1000ise propane generator


We offer the ability for you to easily equip every generator with a Tachometer/Hour meter as a standard feature.  In seconds you can dial in the correct fuel mixture for any elevation.  This can save a lot of fuel.  For instance, the gasoline carburetor has a fixed jet that cannot be adjusted for better economy; if it is rich it will be wasting fuel for no reason.  The alternate fuel system is easily adjusted with one finger tip control.  Watch the TACH and dial in the leanest, cleanest, and most efficient mixture for your current needs.


Because we are a true Yamaha dealer, all of our alternative fuel ready generators come with the full Yamaha factory warranty* and nationwide service.  An extended warranty is also available.


ef3000i yamaha generatorsChoose your hybrid ready unit from our best selling line of inverter series EF1000iSEF2000iS, EF2400iSHC, EF2800i, EF30iSE and the EF30iSEB “Boost” model, the EF4500iSE, and the EF6300iSDE.  These are great to use with campers and motor homes because of the exceptionally low noise that they produce.  They are easily connected to the existing propane gas system by use of a rubber hose and quick disconnect coupler.


Add to any of the electric start models our Wireless Remote Control that allows starting and stopping the generator from inside or outside with over a 500′ line of sight and you start to understand why these generators are such a great investment. 


Please do not try to compare or confuse these generators with the “disposable” brands available at most home stores and discount centers.  Most are rated for about 150 hours of total use.  A Yamaha generator is an investment in a product that should never have to be replaced.  Like insurance, you hope you never need it, but how thankful we are to have it when a crisis hits.  When that happens and you realize that you have made the right decision; well, there probably is no better feeling.  Join the thousands of US Carburetion customers that know the satisfaction of investing wisely in a dependable, quality generator.  One that will be there when you need it the most. Yamaha quality is true peace of mind.