About US Carburetion

We have seen may attempts by those that see “fast money and easy pickings” by reselling product they have no idea how it functions. That is one of the factors that has kept US Carb number one all these years! We know our product (our patents prove that!), we gladly help customers trouble shoot ANY problems they may encounter, and we stand behind everything we sell because we know that a customer will benefit from our product.

Our company holds numerous US patents regarding carburetion technology, generator conversion technology, and most recently received a patent for the revolutionary new “Motor Snorkel”. A simple looking but technically advanced device which allows for a standard gasoline powered generator to also use propane or natural gas in addition to gasoline. Our research and development team continues to bring new and innovative products to market and all the while focusing on generators, carburetion and related technologies.

US Carburetion, Inc. proudly serves the entire United States and Canada from two locations: our corporate headquarters in Summersville, West Virginia and from our constantly expanding west coast shipping facility in Portland, Oregon.

US Carburetion… Carburetion is all we do!