K9003 – Tri-Fuel (Natural Gas, Propane, and Gasoline) Conversion Kit


Generator Conversion Kit from the industry leader US Carburetion allows you to convert your existing gasoline powered generator to use propane and natural gas and still have the option of gasoline.

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This kit has all the parts necessary for complete installation.

Please note: All products listed in our OPLP cannot be returned for any reason. Please review pictures carefully. All product is new and/or “refreshed” but none of it has ever been used or put in service before. The revolutionary design of our newly patented Motor Snorkel (05/2013) has rendered these products obsolete. The MotorSnorkel eliminates cutting the frame, adding stud extenders to the carburetor, cutting and extending the crankcase line, etc. Because of these reasons most customers no longer want this type of propane and natural gas conversion kit, system or component so we are liquidating thousands of parts that were in our order pipeline prior to 05/2013.

ITEM: Briggs Generac GN410 Engine Type Tri-Fuel Propane Natural Gas and Gasoline Kit for Generac GN410 Briggs Type Engines
SPECIFICATIONS: See pictures for measurements and see listing below for engines and equipment Most used on the Briggs Generac GN410 engines.
SHIPPING: UPS (48 states only) USPS all 50 States Free Shipping

The picture is a representation of the kit. Parts will vary according to engine type. This kit has all the parts necessary for complete installation . This Kit IS ALL NEW PRODUCT. It is being sold “as is” to liquidate older stock. IF YOU ARE UNSURE, IT MAY BE BEST TO PURCHASE A GENERATOR SPECIFIC KIT FROM USCARB. This tri-fuel conversion kit will take your gas powered Briggs Generac GN410 generator to the next level. The kit is designed to work with the Briggs Generac GN410 carburetors. See list below.

The center to center is apx. 1-7/8″ and the studs are horizontal at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions.

The included instructions and supplies will allow you to modify your current ENGINE or GENERATOR to use propane, natural gas or gasoline. Given the tendency of gasoline to go bad or gum up the generator, having this option gives you great versatility. First, it can be used on the Briggs engine it was designed for and on natural gas and propane. Of course, the gasoline option still is functional.

We do not recommend or condone any alterations or misuse of our systems due to safety issues. However, many people have used this adapter experimenting with different fuels like hydrogen, methane and biogas. (View USCarburetion Videos on YouTube) The engine regulator in the kit can handle from 4” to 14” water column inlet pressure.

Please follow the detailed instructions included with the conversion kit so this should not be an issue.

Other than 48 States shipping buyer will pay the actual current cost.

K9003 Kit Can fit the following:


EXL8000 Generac 52331

1006-0 Generac GN360

1006-1 Generac GN360

1013-0 Generac GN410

1017-0 Generac GN410

1019-0 Generac GN410

1019-1 Generac GN410/GH410

1019-3 Generac GN410/GH410

1021-0 Generac GN360

1277-0 Generac GN410

1315-0 Generac GN410



XG7000 Generac OJ2515

XP8000 Generac GN410

MC8000 Generac GN410


7000EXL Generac 1470

7500w Generac GN410

7550EXL Briggs 00935-3 1470-1

7550EXL Generac GN410

EXL8000 Generac 52331

8000XL Generac GN410

GG10020 Gentron 5747

GP8000 Generac 5696

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