K9057 – Dedicated High Pressure Propane ONLY Conversion Kit (No Gasoline Option after Conversion)


Generator Conversion Kit from the industry leader US Carburetion allows you to convert your existing gasoline powered generator to use high pressure propane as a dedicated fuel souce. Easy ,do-it-yourself installation with simple, clear instructions.

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This generator conversion kit is for high pressure propane only.  The original gasoline carburetor is converted to meter the propane to the engine.  This is the most common method of conversion and it is the least expensive.  To make the modification, simply remove the carburetor from the engine. Unscrew the float bowl and discard it along with the float, needle and high speed jet that runs up through the center of the carburetor (shown below).  The passage that the high speed jet ran up through is then enlarged to accept the new propane or natural gas jet. One other passage is drilled larger and all other passages are sealed with the sealant provided.
This type of conversion will produce FULL power because the carburetor is now delivering fuel at the exact location that was engineered for the delivery of gasoline to the engine air stream. Even though most people never go back to gasoline, if gasoline operation is ever wanted in the future, a new carburetor would have to be purchased.

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