The latest, patented Generator Conversion Kit from the industry leader US Carburetion allows you to convert your existing gasoline powered generator to use propane, natural gas or gasoline *tri-fuel*. Simplest installation on the market.

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The Motor Snorkel Generator Conversion Kit is US Carburetion’s patented, revolutionary alternate fuel conversion kit.  After installing this kit, your generator will be able to run on natural gas, propane or gasoline (sometimes called a tri-fuel generator conversion).

The Motor-Snorkel makes the adapting of an engine to propane and natural gas very simple.  For decades, the most common way to install a conversion kit  consisted of an adapter block that mounted between the carburetor and the air cleaner.  Installing the propane generator or natural gas generator adapter required modifying the existing carburetor studs, crank case vent tubes and other supports.  Worst of all, most generators do not have enough clearance between the cover of the air cleaner and the frame to allow for this extra spacing so the frame support had to be cut away.  And most enclosed units are not even considered for this process for obvious reasons.

The innovative feature of the US Carburetion Motor-Snorkel Generator Conversion Kit is the ingenious method of passing the fuel through the gasket portion of the device.  Fuel is then channeled to the proper area in the carburetor so that the original carburetor can control the fuel mixture just the same as running on gasoline.  Another amazing feature is the specifically designed probe that passes by the choke plate.  A unique crush-proof yet flexible material was developed to allow the choke to be used on gasoline so that the engine can operate normally on gasoline without having to remove the Motor-Snorkel.

The Motor-Snorkel and other kits from US Carburetion are the best way to convert your existing gasoline generator into a propane generator, natural gas generator or a tri-fuel generator.  Professionals NEVER rely on gasoline as the primary fuel source for their backup generators because of its limited shelf-life and the tendency for this commodity to be hoarded during emergencies and disasters.  Now that you have invested in a backup generator, make sure that it runs when you most need it by converting it to use propane, natural gas or even convert it to use all three of the primary fuels (propane, natural gas, gasoline).

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