MSK7000 – Honda EU7000iS Fuel Injected Generator Upgrade System


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Another “First of it’s Kind” by US Carburetion

This USCARB engineered system was over a year in the making so that it would be able to produce FULL POWER on ALL fuel types! Yes, even on NATURAL GAS!

The EU7000iS is a very expensive portable generator with a “computer feedback system” that keeps it running at peak performance. To just put an ADAPTER on it will not give true computer controlled feedback to the OEM PCM that it needs and other economy type kits may cause engine damage and in just a short period of time.

Hard to believe USCARB can deliver a FULL POWER system for ALL 3 FUELS?!?

Just watch our Youtube video of a kit we installed (Below under Using with Natural Gas tab). We just randomly pulled one from our production line, installed it, hit the primer, and you will see the amazing results for yourself.

The EU7000iS is rated at 5500 running watts and that is what the on-board computer will keep it governed. You will see the EU7000 dashboard Feedback Display showing 5600, even 5700 watts on natural gas as well as our live LOAD BANK.

Optional Accessories:

Honda EU7000 Remote Breakout Wire Harness

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